Drag racing parts???

12-17-2011, 11:21 PM
With the closing of 'TEM', there is a void of drag racing parts that is going to need to be filled. I have the opportunity to possibly fill some of the voids. I am able to create some master's, and have access to an experienced local (to me anyway) resin caster that is willing to work with me to create the parts.

My question to all of you is that, are any of you interested any of these parts continuing to be made. I don't mind putting the time and money into the parts but I would need to see some interest in it.

The first part that I will be doing is a drag racing centre section an axel tubes. The resin centre section will be cast around the axel tube; I will be leaving the axel tub extra long on both sides so that they can be trimmed to fit. The diameter of the axel tube will be based off of the 4-link suspension mounts design by Clay Kemp.

Here is a link to what the housing will look like:

http://images36.fotki.com/v1152/photos/6/1847826/10277482/REARENDHOUSINGRENDERED-vi.jpg (http://images36.fotki.com/v1152/photos/6/1847826/10277482/REARENDHOUSINGRENDERED-vi.jpg)

I will be completing this part for a project that I am working on. If there is interest I will sell the housing parts and look into doing other parts in the future.

Thanks for reading;

Justin B.

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