95 Geo Prizm Starter/Solenoid Clicking

12-16-2011, 04:09 PM
When it started clicking about a month ago, I thought it was the battery and changed that. Then when I just kept the key in the start position, the clicking paused and the motor slowly cranked and after about 30-45 seconds, finally started. I did this each time over the last month.

Now, it just clicks and wont even engage the starter. I replaced the starter today and it is doing the same thing.

When I place a Battery Booster on it, it starts right up so now I am thinking that somehow, not enough amps are getting through to the starter and the positive cable could be bad. Is this possible? Being since the cable on these is mixed in with the harness, replacing it is not a simple task. Is it possible to just run another cable from the lug on the positive cable clamp directly to the starter, removing and covering/sealing the old end, bypassing the harness mess?

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