transmission or clutch failure of some sort

11-30-2011, 04:32 PM
I live by Fort Campbell, KY and own a 03 gti 1.8T with a cold air intake and recently hit a puddle driving down the street. Once I hit the water my vehicle shut off and I assumed the "epic failure" of hydrolock. Had a buddy push me out of the puddle and into a close by parking lot. Later on conducted self recovery of the vehicle by towing and began removing the water from the intake pipping once I got it home. At this time no water had made it into the engine as the oil was not milky. The water was locked up in the intake, turbo and intercooler area. I knew I would have to get the oil changed anyway due to residue left so this was just a thing I knew I would have to fix anyway. The real problem starts here.....the vehicle started and ran rough thanks to the residual water entering the engine, the oil became milky and still np she runs great. Now the vehicle will not go into any of the gears. 5 spd manual. Could this be timing that is off, a clutch that went bad or what.....I am due to leave Ft. Campbell in less than a month and am at my whits end cause I can't even move the car. She is my baby and I do love her and don't want to scrap her out over something not so serious. Anyone please help.

12-07-2011, 07:27 PM
You may have gotten this all fixed by now, but here is my guess:
When you hit the puddle and the engine stopped, it may have had enough water in the clutch housing (bell housing) to have knocked loose some of the grease and crud that is always in there. If some of this fell into the space between the clutch pressure plate and the friction disc, the crud may be keeping the friction disc from coming to a stop when you put the clutch pedal down.
If this is the case, you would be able to put the car into gear, then start it up with the clutch pedal depressed. It might want to start rolling, but hopefully it would stop if you pressed on the brake, at the same time keeping the engine from dying. This takes three feet, or a stick in your hand pushing the gas pedal down.

12-30-2011, 07:32 PM
Ty for the reply, seemed to have it all fixed now. Seems the clutch and pressure plate both more or less fried in the chaos of the "puddle" incident. Had a buddy who recommended a awesome mechanic and he did a wonderful job and fixed it for me as well as a few other minor things along the way for a very decent price. Now currently in PA and yet another type of "failure" happened as I leave for Maine in a few days.

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