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Tricky no start on 1998 Accord EX

11-27-2011, 03:16 PM
I have a 1998 Accord EX 4-cylinder that will not start. When I turn the key the starter does not engage. The green key indicator on the instrument panel looks like it recognizes the key security chip.

When I checked for voltage at the starter solenoid coil wire I found about 9.0 volts without turning the key. When I turned the key I got a little over 11 volts. I disconnected the wire to the solenoid coil and measured 0 volts from the coil wire to the battery BUT 9.0 volts from the tab on the solenoid valve to the battery. It makes me think something is shorted to the frame of the starter.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

11-27-2011, 06:18 PM
As far as I can follow, it sounds like your solenoid winding may have a short to ground, yes. If you jumper pos battery power straight to the large stud with a cable does the starter motor spin? It should, just not engage without the solenoid active...

11-29-2011, 11:08 AM
When I got the replacement starter, the lead from starter motor to the solenoid was on the opposite terminal than where it was on my old one so I swapped it. The wiring didn't fit as well and I assumed there were only contacts inside the solenoid so I thought it would be OK to do this. Last night, I tried swapping these back to the way the starter had them when new in the box and it worked right away.

I can't say I fully understand why this caused a problem but wanted to share it in case you come across the same issue.

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