2003 Tracker Starting - weird this time.

11-25-2011, 12:33 PM
TO start with, I am not a mechanic by the definition, but I do, for the most part, work on my own cars and know my way around. Have for years and years. I am familiar with most of the common problems associated with most vehicles; however, this one is sorta throwing me for a loop.

My wife's 2003 tracker has been running fine. No problems - In fact I have been driving it for awhile recently and know there's been no issues.

Last night, I went out to start it and it sounding like it was having a slight issue starting - then started, ran really rough for about 5 seconds, then died.

I tried to start it again and it would turn over, but never start. It does not seem like a battery issue because all the lights come on and are not dim and it does crank.

However, the cranking sound is "different" than usual. The speed of the crank seems just about normal; however, it sounds more "metally" than usual, if that makes sense. I don't know how to explain it, but it is just different.

I thought maybe it was just too cold or something and I wasn't fooling with it. Just now I went back out to check it out and it still was doing the same thing. If I kept the key turned and let it crank and crank and pump the gas pedal it actually started after about 15-20 seconds, pressed the gas in and it revved up but then died immediately. Now I cannot get it to turn over at all and it simply sounds like the engine is spinning, but its not even coming close to firing.

What is throwing me off is the sound it is making and the fact that everything has been fine with it up till now.

Anybody have any clues as to what this might be? THanks!


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