Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ford Explorer

11-19-2011, 01:43 PM
Hi, i have just moved to work in Riyadh KSA, and i am about to buy my first SUV, used one, and i'v narrowed the options to two cars:

1- Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2008, with a Hemi engine
2- Ford Explorer XLT 2008.

the Ford looks very stable and reliable with a bigger size, its reputation in maintenance and service is very positive, but i find it kind of boring, the interior looks cheep and no eye-catching options.

the Jeep on the other hand is very attractive and powerful with its bigger engine, the interior is very beautiful and the craftsmanship looks very nice. it has a bad reputation when it comes to maintenance though, i header a lot of people say it is not reliable and needs a lot of maintenance, and the parts are expensive, plus the dealer does not have a good reputation here.

i found two clean cars with almost same mileage (about 50,000 Km) and almost the same price, so i am really puzzled, i will appreciate advice, thank you

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