Ford KA vs Renault Twingo

11-08-2011, 07:51 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm about to buy my first car (VERY excited), I'm a student so I can only afford 97-98 Ford Ka/Renault Twingo price range. I've also checked micra and starlet but didn't like them very much.

Ka in general, looks very appealing to me. Even though it's an old car the design doesn't show it and thats a huge plus. Twingo on the other hand, has alot larger interior space and to be honest, having 2 adults sitting in the back seat of a Ford Ka is almost impossible. But still, I don't really like the way Twingo looks, compared to KA.

Twingo's sunroof is also a plus but could live without it of course.

I'll mostly use the car for fun. I don't think I'll use it between school and home(which is a long distance)

I also don't think there'll be more than 3 people in the car on an ordinary day. I'm also tall (1.87 metres)

I do however plan on going to a few long journeys.

Motor specifications of Twingo and KA seems almost identical, so I'm not gonna go into that. As far as I can tell they both also spend very little which is great.

I haven't used any of them by the way this is what I gathered looking around the web.

KA seems like it has a better style but I'm not sure if it's worth sacrificing comfort. However if there isn't that big of a difference between comfort. I'll probably go for KA.

Once I get one of these I won't be able to change it for a few years atleast so I'ts rather important to me.

Which one would you suggest under these circumstances?

I'm also not into racing or anything like that. So performance isn't a forte, as long as it doesn't stop in the middle of a ramp or something.

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