window handle

11-06-2011, 03:16 PM
ok, i cant seem to get the manual window handle off the door of my 98 esteem. is there some specific way to remove it or im i making a dumbass of myself for posting this question? i dont feel like scratching up my interior anymore trying to get the damn thing off, so if someone has any advice or any links to where i could find out the answer that would be great.


11-29-2011, 08:25 PM
I dont know if you still need this info.....
The window crank is held on by a clip shaped like a "C" more or less. The way they are usually installed you can take a length of small rope (small in diameter anyway, like lightweight clotheline) and work it back and forth, pulling on the ends so the rope goes around the pivot of the handle, between the large round plastic part of the handle and the material of the door panel. You pull on the end of the rope, away from the small end of the handle. This usually makes the "C" slide off the handle, and releases the handle from the splined end of the window regulator. There is a tool made for this, commonly used on GM cars over the last 40 years, and they dont cost much. Most any auto parts store is likely to have one of them in the little plastic bubbles packs of "HELP" or "Dorman". parts and tools.

Since the "C" clip often flies off and disappears into the grass, the auto parts places also have bubble packs of the "C" clips.

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