Sell Chevy S10 PU & then fix 90 Honda Civ Hatchback?

11-05-2011, 05:20 PM
Should I Sell my Chevy S10 PU with (Camper Shell and functioning AC) and then Use the $ to Replace Engine in 90 Honda to get it running again?

I have a 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback base model that has been sitting in my driveway for the last 9 months.
I believe it needs engine replaced based on:
-210,000 miles {Yeah!) on engine AND
-Oil has leaked from engine block ever since crappy valve repair job 5 years ago AND
-Wont pass smog AND
-Over past year it began running rough, some smoke out exhaust and gas mileage was steadily declining. Quizzically, started running terribly terribly rough ever since I took possession of it after it's latest smog check (no repairs just a check which it failed) here in Calif.
I bought it new in 1990 and other than replacing cap and rotor every 2 years and the interior heater fan currently does not work, it has had no problems and no accidents.

When Honda failed smog 9 mos ago, my awesome,awesome boyfriend bought me a 1996 Chevy S10 PU w/camper shell for $2500, which, per previous owner (a friend of boyfriend) and receipts supplied had the following replaced 4-years ago:

-Engine - replaced with a 1996 recon Vege engine which now has 70k on it. (the vehicle itself has 170,000 miles per odometer).
-When engine was replaced four yrs ago so was the clutch, water pump, fuel injector, starter, heater core, an electric switch and wires and radiator hose.

I so so so miss driving my Honda: the handling, great mpg (33mpg at top-it's a v4) and passenger seating space of my Honda.
The Chevy S10 is cramped, is sluggish (v4), and gets a lowly 16mpg but I do like that it has: AC, a camper shell, two cell phone charger input thingys, and power steering.

1. Would it be advisable to sell the Chevy PU (purchased for $2500 & needs tires. The KBB is $2500 to $3500) and use proceeds to get Honda running? And if so, what are best quality sources for buying engine for my 90 Honda?

2. Are there any other considerations that I need to contemplate before moving forward with my decision?

Thank you so much,

Wilma from the Sonoma wine country, 60 mi north of San Fran, California.

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