Voltage gage and temp gage sticking

10-12-2011, 09:30 PM
As subject states, it seems my voltage gage and temp gage are sticking and acting weird.

I had the car for about a year now and voltage gage needle has always been slightly right of 13 volts when first started and then drops to slightly left of 13 volts after ran for a while. Tested the output with just about everything turned on and at a idle, and voltmeter said it was putting out 13.9 to 14 volts at the battery. Alternator is charging just fine.

Just within the last 2 weeks though, temp gage has been running slightly warmer than usual (pretty close to 220 degrees) and actually going as high as 240 degrees, or so, before fan kicks on, when idling. I tested temp today with a thermometer setting right in radiator and it said 210 degrees when fan kicked on although gage in car was MUCH higher than that.

Doing some other quick searches, seems it could be as simple as a loose wire, as when I hit the top of the dash, needles on gages moved. In fact, voltage gage was reading upward of 14 volts now.

What kind of suggestions might anyone have to remedy this? I'm kind of a paranoid stickler for my gages being accurate!!

Thank you

Tech II
10-13-2011, 06:09 AM
Could be the cluster.....could be the connections at the cluster....

You don't say what year the vehicle is....is coolant level ok? Ever change thermostat?

10-14-2011, 04:43 AM
Could have at least said what year the car was, huh? LOL

It's a 1988 Century Ltd.

As I said, I had a thermometer setting in radiator, so yes, coolant was right to the top.

Brand new radiator and thermostat.

My wife dropped her truck off at mechanics yesterday to get it checked out and ready for winter. I asked him if he new of any issues with this kind of thing and he instantly pulled out a paper with it being known about where those gauges are mounted/wired into motor. Pretty well known that that the one is in a really dumb spot, but I don't really think that's totally the issue.

Wife is using car to go to work today, so will over connections at the cluster, as that is what I'm leaning toward it being seeing as how simply smacking the top of the dash makes them act normal.

Thanks for the reply!!

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