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No brake lights/shifter release to take out of park

10-07-2011, 11:06 AM
Hey! I just wanted to post some helpful tips on trouble shooting what seems to be a common problem.

I have to push down the shifter release button on the shifter to get the car out of park, and I lost all of my brake lights.

I replaced the BRAKE SENSOR($17 part at Advance Auto) located at the top of the brake peddle.PROBLEM SOLVED. The sensor is a small silver cylinder with a plunger on it the is preddle when the brake is off. It was easy to locate and replace, just remove bottom part of dash by removing 4 bolts,remove ac vent(1 small retaining plastic pin on left side) by pulling it out of place.Push peddle down,reach up and loosen nut(inside side nut),remove sensor,unplug,and replace new sensor and reverse steps.This whole repair took 45 min.(that includes going to get part) and saved me over $100 from taking to shop.VERY EASY REPAIR ANYONE CAN DO THIS.

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