Bad experience with mibikeuk decals

09-27-2011, 11:16 AM
Just got decals and decyls from them and the owners eat me alive when I asked questions. The most arrogant person in the world. But it doesn't end there, the decals received are bad and some colors don't match the actual moto colors specially (listen to this) the black is more like a dark gray!!!! Is like he printed the decals using a printer without much toner... some colors (not all) were too light. Few decals were cracked too. Couple of decal sheets where glued together (face to face) like if they were handled with wet fingers. When separated, guess what? decals were damaged. The decyls (newest and most innovative product according to him) is like kids stickers, are not thin enough to mold to areas with curvature. These are made of vinyl sheets. You have to heat them and if it doesn't work then CA them. Unbelievable!!! Not the best products. I wasted my hard earned money on something I can't use. Do not make the same mistake. By the way, he thinks he is the greatest thing walking on earth and there is no match to his product quality. Yeah right!

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