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2001 Accord Tranny issue

09-17-2011, 03:25 PM
2001 Accord, 6cyl. 3.0, automatic transmission.........the last few weeks its been shifting a little rougher, but nothing thatd alarm me. then last night, the check engine light popped on and the little green light around the D4 on the dash began blinking. I turned it off for a minute, restarted it and blinking light was gone but not check engine. Sat there and shifted through all the gears and the only thing i dont like is when i go from D3 to 2 and back. It shifts real hard there. Not as hard shifting back from 2 to D3 though. All other gears shift fine. Also, i checked the fluid on the dipstick and it was right under the lower dot. Its my wifes old car and she "doesnt remember" if shes ever had the tranny flushed and a buddy said if it hasnt been flushed regularly by this point(125K miles), not a good idea to flush, just drain and refill. Anyone had this happen to you(green blinking light around gear indicator) and what was the fix??? Is it difficult to drain/refill the tranny and can I refill this model through the dipstick or do I have to get underneath??? Do I REALLY have to use Honda ATF only or can I use whatever??

09-18-2011, 01:52 PM
Those trans have issues. Usually once it starts acting up it's time to replace the trans unfortunately. If you do a search here or on google you will see how many others have issues where their V6 auto trans. You could try to change the fluid but it's unlikely to fix the issue. Honda does have a new fluid out to replace their old crap which is most likely the whole issue causing the problems. The new stuff is called DW-1. You could buy a whole case of fluid(not cheap) drain it then fill it. You will only drain out about 3 qts. After refilling drive it a few miles and repeat another 2 times. Driving each time between drain/fills.

It's fairly simple to change the fluid. All you will need is a 3/8" ratchet for the drain plug(no socket required)(long handle preferred) You need to "pop" it loose. For the fill you will need a 17 mm socket, a long extension, and a long ratchet or breaker bar and again pop it loose. The fill is located on the top of the trans. After adding 3qts start the engine and run through all the gears, shut off engine and check fluid level. Honda's require the fluid level to be checked when the engine is off. There was an update that could have been done on you car which the 17mm fill plug was replaced to add more trans fluid in that area. If that's the case you will need either a 12mm or 14mm socket, I forget.

HINT* Always remove the fill before the drain! It's senseless to drain it if you can't fill it!

Here is a video which is the same as yours - notice ATF-Z1 is used, this is no longer recommended. Honda DW-1 should be used.

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