Cruise control, delay wiper problem

09-15-2011, 01:17 PM
I have a 94 regal GS with 3.8. My delay wipers weren't working and neither was the cruise control. I got another turn signal switch/arm with all the wiring out of another regal that was working correctly. I switched the part out into my car and I have the same problem.

My wipers work on lo/hi, but not on delay and no cruise control. the horn and high beams are working.

I also switched out just the arm part with all the controls, with a new one and still have same problems.

Any ideas?

Tech II
09-15-2011, 08:55 PM
Wasn't there a TSB for this? Think the wiring on the wiper switch replaced the handle and the turn signal switch....did you replace the wiper switch? That's the part the handle fits into....

12-28-2011, 08:13 PM
Did you get your cruise control fixed? I had my signal switch replaced, and started having problems with the cruise control. It works when the steering is in up position, but if I lower it, because I am short, it disengages. What is the problem, does the lower position of steering interfere with the wiring?


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