2000 excursion hard to start

09-05-2011, 09:17 PM

I have been dealing with my 6.8l V10 hard start condition for years now. It seems to have excessive cranking. Sometimes it starts pretty fast, other times it takes like 10+ revolutions till it starts. Sometimes if it cranks too much it will backfire. I have cleaned the IAC valve years ago and I think it helped a little, tried cleaning it again today but no real change in results. Plunger seems a little wierd to me, it does not sping all the way open but maybe that is normal? Cleaned carbon and it moves freely. Not sure if that could still be the problem or not, truck has almost 110k on it now. I changed the plugs around 50k. Routine maint. like air filter and oil changes. any thoughts what would cause periodic hard start conditions? It always will start but excessive cranking is annoying. Does not seem to matter if the engine is hot or cold. Thanks for any input.

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