Just did an engine swap on a 2002 E350 V8 5.4L NOW IT WONT MOVE

09-05-2011, 12:02 AM
My friend and I were asked to work on a 2002 Ford E350 Box Truck Automtatic

Well first things first, the owner of this car bought it at a donation car lot knowing that the car had a blown motor, but no one gave him a gurantee on the tranmission, said it was his gamble.

After removing his old engine it was utterly destroyed, a rod pushed through his block, his piston heads were cracked, radiator fluid throughout all the lines and oil pan. Some how he ended up turning it over but wasn't able to drive it, the transmission was never checked.

We took out the engine swaped in the new one 5.4 v8. Everything went successful and smoothly. first turn the new engine fired right up, did the break in process, no fuel leaks, strong idle, perfect, strong new engine.

He goes to put it in drive, won't budge at first. We check the fluid put in two quarts. He revs up to 3000rpms and gets the wheels to turn moves about 3 feets then the engine dies. Fires right back up goes in reverse for 3 feet can't move any further. Theres a grinding smell..and could be a noise. Feels like it wants to go into gear
something just won't allow it

-We checked the fluid levels
- Checked the bolts in the converter to flexplate, nothing abnormal
- Looked for loose wires

I'm scratching my head right now because I want to make sure it wasn't nothing I did, or at least make sure I check everything before blaming the tranmission.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what else I should look for, wiether installer error or abnormailities.

Appericate it


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