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Fuse block in 1990 Chrysler LeBaron

09-03-2011, 09:19 AM
I just thought I would let people know this in case they have an electrical problem. I found this by trial and error. I have corning lights on my 1990 Chrysler LeBaron. All of a sudden they did not work. I knew one of the sockets were bad so I replaced it and they still didn't work. I checked the relays under the dash, there is a block under the dash with 17 relays in it. Replaced the relays the lights still wouldn't work. For some reason I decided to check the fuses in the fuse block. There is none for the cornering lights but I decided to check each and every fuse. In pulling them out one by one I came to the one that says it is for the "Cigar Lighter" in pulling it out (20 amp) I discover it was blown. I replaced it and the cornering lights work and also the power antenna. So if you have a problem check each fuse you may find several items are controled by that fuse. (Leave it to Chrysler to not tell you what the fuse controls)

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