Round 3 need help

09-01-2011, 07:22 AM
I have a 1997 Gmc Jimmy and it has a shift problem (had a previous post on this).

Round 1 Found that the shift cable was rusted in one spot near the transfer case. So I replaced the shift cable. It work for a day then started acting up and would not come out park.Started checking again. Cable was adjusted right, fuse ok. Decided to try a used shiter.

Round 2 Bought another floor shifter (thinking it may be that solniod on the shifter). Got 10 miles out of it. Started same stuff will not come out of park.Check fuse it is ok. Cable dosen't appear to be bound up anywhere.

About lost what do next.It is a 1997 Gmc Jimmy 4x4 and has a floor shifter that you have step on the brake to release.We had new Tranmission put in about 4 months ago.Right now the shiter is locked tight in park and will not come out.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciate.

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