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Nav & R/V camera: Stock or aftermarket?

08-29-2011, 12:06 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm looking to buy a Tucson. I don't need any options except Nav and a rear view / back-up camera. I understood that in 2011 GLS it's optional, but I see that no 2011 GLS are available (not near by at least). And 2012 doesn't even offer it as an option in GLS, so if you want nav etc you've to get a Limited, which IMHO is a complete waste of money.

Anyway, I was wondering if I should consider the option to buy aftermarket nav+r/v camera and get it installed? Would it cost more/less than stock? How easy / difficult is it to hunt down the material and get it installed?


08-29-2011, 04:28 PM
There are lots and lots of aftermarket camera kits around.

Price will determine quality, and how easy it is to intergrate into any existing screens in the car.

Most are simple self installs, which also means how well it's done it up to you.
Normally to do a proper job you need to lift the carpet and or trim to run the wiring.

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