Review: Peugeot 206 S1600 "Rallye du Var 2002" - Transkit MM24

08-26-2011, 05:12 PM
Hi fellow AF modelers,

I'm pleasedto propose you a review of the new brand MM24's first release 206 S1600 Rallye du Var 2002 (french championship).

The transkit depicts the LAD prepared 206 S1600 for its second racing year in french championship with some WRC events participations.

It has to be used with a tamiya 206 WRC kit.

I will try to stay the most objective possible, but will have to bring some corrections clues for the most accuracy maniac builders, because some misleading informations collected by MM24 should be corrected, mostly because most of the references available are from 2001 but 2002 cars were different.
I will also try to share my references to enlight those points.

One thing nevertheless has to be said right now, for a first release this brand made a great model, firstly by the choice, an 1/24 unrelease famous model offereing builders a lot of personal liveries and conversions, and secondly because you'll see with this review as I aim to show it, the average builder will find an excellent quality transkit.

So let's start concrete things !
Here is the box content:

the first appreciated thing is the box itself, big enough not to treat the inside of collapse or brake !
really appreciated compared to some brands having so tiny box to pack their models that it's about wondering how yhey make it putting things inside !

the first sight allows to see the variety of parts:
- resin body,
- PE set,
- resin parts-
- metal parts,
- decals sheet,
- seat belts material,
- CD for buidling instructions and references.

a few close up of the bags and different elements:

first detailed attention was given to the body; a really good surprise !

even if the resin seems weak and easily brakable, it's not !
it's thin byt strong, with no bubles, no flash (the pics above show what I found in the box, before any work done on it).
Knowing it is casted from a tamiya body, keeping original thickness, one could expect a wrapped body or some shape issues, but it's close to perfection, really.

next, the metal parts, to add to tamiya chassis the new gearbox and the new exhaust line, as a great bonus rarely seen till today except some special TK, the brakes calipers !

The resin parts, same standard as the body

PE set, just enough to detail main things.

Seat belt material

and the decal sheet, to build Cedric Robert's 2002 Rallye du Var car.

The building instructions cd offers some real car pictures, a clear building instructions plans and schemas, an adviced color sample...

There is nothing to say regarding quamity, this TK can be bought in confidence, just knowing there is some work to be done to convert tamiya parts, epecially cutting rear chassis to add MM24 supplied part. Maybe not easy for a newby, but not so hard for those used to work on multimedia or resin kits.

Here are 2 pics from my progress on this step:

I will give more details in my WIP (yes, there will be a WIP !! :lol:)

the only bad thing of the Transkit is coming now, the wheels !

not well casted, with even some shape problem, one of mines is oval instead of round and straight !!

it can be replaced by renaissance ones, but they are 5 nuts when we should have 4 nuts wheels on the S1600.
not a so big problem and a quick correction will solve that.

At this step, it's needed to analyze more deeply informations and refernces brought.

the first main "problem" is the lack of specific S1600 dashboard, even if I had myself some troubles to clearly identify which one should be inside 2002 car, it's not the WRC original part.
I will show references in mly WIP of the 2002 dashboard.
the conversion will be easy for those wanted to improve accuracy.

Another point is the rear wing position, seen by MM24 as assembled behind roof spoiler, whereas it's assembled above spoiler corners...
Here again detailed pictures will be given in my WIP to show that.

We finally arrive to main mistake, due to the misleading references the brand should have gotten.

the first wrong thing is the color linked, MM24 advice Tamiya X4 or RAL 5010, but it's wrong, right color is RAL5002 (ultramarine blue) which was also used on DIAC sponsored Megane maxi, 2002 Bozian 206 WRC or 2006 Gauloises Citroen Xsara.
this is due to the light effects that can change color appearance, I'm not sure everyone will see this as a big mistake precisely because most pictures show a "classic" blue color but the truth is in RAL5002. It's each builder choice to decide between right color or color it seems to be on pics.
my personal choice would be of course the original true color.
(using 44864 Motip cans)

the second mistake is due to the changes betwen 2001 and 2002 cars, LAD team preparing cars indeed decided to paint chassis in silver as WRC are, whereas 2001 cars chassis were painted body colors, white for the french championship white car and blue for Morel's blue car seen in Corsica (where he had a big crash out of the road - still visible on youtube for sure).
So, that means that the pictures shown in building process references are misleading builders, MM24 couldn't really knwo that and they can't be blamed for that, but I think everyone has to be aware of that point if looking for maximum accuracy.
the rollcage follows the inside color, and is silver too.
once more pictures will be posted in my WIP.

the rollcage is precisely the next point to be corrected and I will for that point too show my references in my WIP to come soon.
MM24 advice to use WRC parts, but the rear of the rollcage is completely different. it can be rebuild from scratch, so it's not a complicated thing to change.
I will show the corrections to bring to it in my WIP.

That's what I can say for the moment, more will be shown and explained by showing building process.

the transkit really worse its price (paid 55 at Dominomodels) even with the corrections needed if you cant to get a more perfect accuracy.

It can be build straight of the box without catching mistakes detecting eyes and it would give a great model.

Those looking for maximum accuracy will finaly find a certain pleasure to modify the model and the parts.

I'll try to improve as much as I can mine to get the closest as possible Deutschland rally car I saw live during the event and which is my final choice to build this model.

Hopping you enjoyed following this review and it brings you the good elements to decide to buy this transkit and build this great S1600 lion !! :biggrin:

08-27-2011, 07:42 AM
my WIP of the model:

08-27-2011, 10:19 PM
Hi Phil, Thanks for putting this up. It is great to be able to see it. From what I can see there are a few things you should check.

First off however - is there any good info on the CD?

Ok the body. You have seen the problem with the rear spoiler location. I don't know what the one they give you is like but it should have a lip along the back just like a WRC 206.

I think the actual bumper strip both front and back is too flat especially the front. It is much more prominent and rounded on the car. The side panel mouldings are also too flat. They are like on the WRC although they take them back past the door but not far enough. They go almost to the wheel arch.

The rear wheel arch has a flat edge similar to the front. This is not the case on the WRC. I think they might have missed this as far as I can see from your photo.

The vent in the bonnet is wrong. It is too wide and looks like the WRC vent which has the wrong profile. The S1600 Vent has a much larger rounded front edge.

The panel between the headlights and the bumper is wrong. It is the WRC one. The S1600 has a square corner in the panel line not a round corner.

The grill opening is wrong too. You might want to get a ruler and make some measurements. Definitely the too outside corners are to "pointy" They are more rounded, not as sharp. These look like the WRC again and they are not the same. Compare this to the original Tamiya kit.

Be careful with that PE grill too. You will have to get a photo of your particular subject but I didn't find any cars that old with that grill. I have only see this PE grill on cars that have been for sale more recently. Back then they all had the grill set way back exactly in front of the radiator, not out at the front edge of the bumper where this one would have to be because of its length. I think maybe I sent you a picture from Rally Finland showing this. It would be interesting to see what the build instructions are for this part of the model because the tow hook is in this area and I see you have already taken off the locating pins because the car is shorter.

And the ride height is wrong. I raised mine about 2mm. to get it right. Some were 3 some were 1 because the wheels from CB Com were even crappier than yours so each shock absorber had to be adjusted individually!!!!!!! But 2mm is about right by my measurements for 19inch wheels.

I can post some photos showing this stuff if you'd like.

And I see you are on the paint issue. RAL5002 is exactly correct for Bozian. I went through 5 or 6 colors for Rovenpera's Monte 206 before I gave up and got the exact colour from an automotive paint manufacturer direct. In the USA they don't have RAL#s so it was a lot of detective work. But it is a very difficult colour and there is no substitute. A lot of other manufacturers claim to match it but they don't.

What is so great about this TK is that it is from 10 years ago.. It is ok to go to a rally now and use some technology to copy every detail but this car is gone! So big thank you to MM24 for doing this because I think it is a lot more work for this than an existing car. lets not be too hard on them but show some appreciation. I am usually only this picky on Peugeots!

Incidentially, you mentioned Jean-Joseph's car is that colour. Are you absolutely sure? The S27 decals are absolutely nothing like RAL5002.

Cheers Don

08-28-2011, 06:51 AM
Hi Don,

you're absolutely right about body considerations, I will show in my WIP how I will give more thickness and roundness to the bumpers, S1600 bumper being the same (but larger) than the "XS" serie 206 I still own. :)

I still haven't examinated everything in details but will have to as I'm still having uncertainties about bonnet vent, front grille etc, points you mostly mentioned.

It's clear that MM24 build its TK from tamiya body, not inevitably considering all subtel changes because some really are not easy to catch for unexerted sight. That also was their choice to build a simple TK and not rebuilding a full model to release a multimedia kit. Body could be more accurate, especially thicknesses of bumpers, but the base is good though to be worked for most expecting modelers.

I can say and swear I won't miss somethi,g myself, but I'll try to build the most accurate model possible to depict 2002 Deutschland car.

Thanks Don for your precisions and informations added to the review.
Fell free to participate too With your critics and comments in my WIP.

PS: which Jean-Joseph car are you thinking to ? I read my review again But can't find back any reference to him...
If it's his 2001 Gauloises 206 it wasn't RAL5002 but I can't give any reference, it's a lighter blue without purple reflects... maybe RAL5010/tam X4 would be the good one.

08-28-2011, 07:20 AM
I checked a few things just having them in mind and wanting to know right now ! :)

From what I can see on my own pic, the bonnet vent seems correct except front round edge.
maybe just a bit too much to the right and not enoug to the middle of the bonnet...
but it's not easy to get certainty as from a car to another it alternatively seems right or too much to the side...

Also the front grille sems correct and to the front edge of the bumper, even if the opening has some more round top corner, that's right (not really visible in my pic but it is on some other ones in a magazine)

08-28-2011, 08:03 AM
A few other answers I have to give:

- yes, the rear wing has a lip. I will have to enlarge it BTW as I plan to enlarge the whole part...

- The informations on the CD are just enough, not less not more, to build the TK as MM24 proposes it to.
All the pics added are from Internet.
The paint reference isn't right, but it's there what is not always the case with brands and the effort is appreciable.
It shows with clear images how to build the parts, with colors to help identifying parts and a few real pics of the chassis modifications or the inside assembly, which is IMO also really appreciable, even if assembly is made with WRC parts but we all knwo this the start compromission of the model and I perfectly understand it for a "simple" transkit as much concerned with accuracy I can be.

- I don't really see what you mean by flat edge on rear wheel arch, because there is some on the S1600 body, and also some on the WRC.
Maybe the S1600 one is too large, but I hesitate to sand it not to give to much space around the wheels.

- Don't know if I understood well but you increase ride height ?
I would say it better has to be down to match tarmac rallies...
Also wheels aren't 19" but 17" or 18", not sure anymore but I think probably 18", but as wheels are 4 nuts (18" WRC are 5 nuts) I think it's still 17"...
I haven't test for the moment the ride height, as I still haven't decided what I'll do with supplied rear suspensions arms part, using them or trying to fully scratchbuild them as some structures bars have to be added...
But knowing it's under the car and not visible once model built... I could save efforts and time not too much complicating the build. :)

08-30-2011, 02:30 PM
Thanks Phil for the review (and subsequent discussion of this transkit).
I think it's fantastic that you've taken so much time to show us this transkit.

I probably won't be buying this particular transkit, althoug I am slightly interested in the next release of MM24.
Since visiting the Rallye Deutschland this year I've been having way too much ideas for new (rally)projects and the Mini might be one of them.
So in that regard I'm happy with your review as it also shows the commitment and quality of the products from MM24, which seems very good for a starting company, as you rightly so have stated.

08-30-2011, 03:53 PM
Thanks for your kind words Axel

Yes, the quality is good, it's always possible to discuss accuracy as for any other model and brand, but only talking about the quality this release is very promissing for any other references to come from MM24, especially if they choose to deal with former 1/24 forgotten cars as in the same time with current racers as WRC or S2000.

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