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1990 eclipse gs NO SPARK.... PLEASE help!

08-23-2011, 05:46 PM
i have a 1990 eclipse gs, and recently swapped a 1991 4g63 motor because the old one was running on 2 cylinders. but it did run! i pulled it and put the new one in a month later.....
The new motor did not start at first, and after investigating there was no spark. however i head a buzzing noise, not toucing anyhting, i started it right up! this is important, it ran, i shut it off, restarted it and it was great. however after a few hours, i started it again, and after running for about 5 min it just died. not like ran out of gas died, but electrical shut off.
again the engine will not start! heres what i have concluded:
new battery
new wires
new coil pack
new spark plugs
new fuel pump
fuses are all good

the engine is getting fuel, the starter is turning and cranking,
but there is no spark and it is not starting

please help anyone it is totally stumping me, epecially due to the fact that i even had it running for awhile, there is some intermitant electrical problem. i checked grounds, but they all look good. due to the fact that the other motor ran and this one does not what could possibly be wrong?!

08-23-2011, 07:43 PM
I googled the issue and the 1st link lead me to dsmtuners. Here's what they discussed

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