1993 Ford Tempo - Neutral safety switch

08-23-2011, 01:12 AM
Can anyone help me determining the location of the neutral safety switch and if I will need any special tools to remove and replace.

Thank you in advance.

Tony Silva
08-23-2011, 01:18 AM
No special tools needed. You just need a flat blade screw driver and a phillips screwdriver to get access to it. It is located at the shifter mechanism underneath the plastics of the center console of the shifter housing.

03-16-2017, 02:42 AM
Good thing this dud wasn't able to tell Hitler to find this neutral switch under the console and all was needed was a flat head and a phillips screwdriver. because he probably would have been taken out, beaten, strung up and no doubt shot for giving such lousy information. First of all the neutral switch for a Merc. Topaz or Ford Tempo isn't under the console. Looking down under the hood, it's right on top of the transmission between the master cylinder and the engine. See what the plug in looks like on a new switch and you will be able to detect where it's at very easy. You will need a 13mm wrench for the switch center arm bolt, a 5/16 wrench for the 2 mounting bolts on bottom of switch and a 7/16 wrench to remove the throttle cover. Remove the throttle cover first so you can have easy access to the switch. You may also need some pliers to remove the throttle linkage clip to move the llinkage out of the way. If the switch arm is in the way when accessing the 2 bottom switch bolts, just move the shift lever until arm is out of the way. Making sure the grooves on the new switch line up with the shaft, the new switch should just slide on.
Turn switch to where bolts line up with mounting holes, put center arm back on, tighten bolts, plug your switch wiring in new switch, reconnect your linkage, put your throttle cover back on and your on your way. Actually, it's an easy job. Whatever, don't listen to what that dud said because all you will do is waste a lot of time like I did after listening to him. The jerk.

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