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1998 DE lighter socket broken

08-13-2011, 02:33 AM
My mother bought this car new - I inherited it on her death unfortunately - the lighter socket seems dead - I changed the fuse first, still didnt work - I then tried new inserts from an auto parts store and it still would not work - I have been searching for how to remove the console so I can dig into it and find problem - I am on fixed income now so cannot just take it in to get fixed - any help would be appreciated as I am fairly handy still at turning wrenches, so to speak

It is too late for help now after waiting for over 48 hours - I am just gonna tear apart the console and hope for the best - I am going on a trip and I NEED the socket to work - I appreciate everyone that did view this posting but any information would have been a big help but I am going in blind now

Just an FYI, when I had a cupl 1990 Luminas and I was helped via this forum, I was ALWAYS helped before the first 24 hours was up

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