Aftermarket wing set

08-12-2011, 08:56 PM
Hi there. Just wondering what you guys think about the different 1/24 car model wing sets. i only owned the Tamiya (unused yet).

Post your opinions about contents, quality, etc.

I know the Tamiya kit:
Looks Tamiya-kit-quality plastic
3 same-design wings in 3 different lengths (about 57mm, 61mm, and 65mm)
3 different height posts (1 for each wing)
3 equal sets of sides for the wing

Also includes
PE harness set (I believe 4-point, for 2 buckets full sets)
PE hood pins x6
PE "tow hooks" x2
A sheet of plastic or vinyl for the belts
6 "SABELT" decals
a sheet of carbon decals and "INGS-Z" decals

Would like to know about these 3 kits:

Fujimi GTW

Aoshima (Bomex, Vertex and Veilside I think)

I donīt know if this one is the same as above...

Hobby Design GT wing

Post your opinions, reviews, contents of the sets, whatever you find useful.
Also, pics of the wings installed on completed models would be great too.

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