Page updated on 06-20-2018

1993 Ford Probe O/D light flashing with Fuel Cutout light on?

07-30-2011, 08:33 PM
The only thing I did was took my actuator motor for my headlights out, then I replaced all of that back, and I went to go start car to drive down off of ramps, my car isn't starting, so I let it slide down ramps in N then tried it again to see if fuel wasn't getting to pump, but I noticed that all my dash lights are on and the O/D light is blinking along with my fuel cutoff light staying on. My engine never fully turns over, so I thought maybe it was the fuel cutoff switch, I tried pushing it, but nothing happened, it stayed down and I couldn't push it in anymore...I'm puzzled as to why it's started just fine all this time, then when I'm backing it off ramps it won't start?

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