1999 Elantra drive train grinding noises?

07-29-2011, 11:21 PM
Hi -

My 1999 Elantra has some nasty grinding noises when I put the car in reverse or drive and start moving (2mph). I am very mechanical (i have owned 5 of these same cars that i have bought and fixed) I bought this one about 6 months ago - haven't driven it and havent had time to work on it. I am assuming its the tranny but could it be something else? Maybe the axles? Its not making the thump noise like when making turns and the axle goes bad - usually the outer boot is ripped but these axle boots look good. Tranny fluid is fine - im not a dummy. I just never troubleshot a tranny or drivetrain issue like this. Anyone have any tips or tricks? Thanks in advance.

oh - it doesnt have any check engine light on - and i do have a reader

Also it doesnt make any noise shifting between park and other gears (its an automatic if thats not clear)

It does drive forward and reverse - i havent tried to drive it more then 20 feet forward and back because the noise sounds soo bad.

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