Question on Mclaten MP4/4 hoses

07-29-2011, 05:13 PM
In the MP4/4 there are some hoses that the exterior are not just bear rubber nor braided... from the reference pictures it looks like they are covered with something like aluminum shield, like insulation... some model builders use a hose that covered with a silver color (like aluminum) sheet going around and around the entire hose, like in a coil covering the hose and mimiquing the insulation on the real car. Very close to the real insulated hose. These hoses are coming from what I think is the engine oil tank. Black cylindrical tank behind the motor over the transmission with a white color cap.

I'm building the MP4/4 in 1/20 scale, is there an aftermarket part out there that I can use that is the same as these insulated hoses seen on reference pictures? Tried to put paper foil and bear metal foil around a rubber hose and is not working well. Since I haven't seen a tutorial, maybe my method of covering the hoses is definitely not a good one. They look bad. Will not use them. The youtube video for this model car shows those hoses like there is an aftermarket product that can be bought and used but when I pause the video, can't read the packages manufacturer nor see clear enough through the package to see if the hoses are what I'm looking for. The finish product looks like it. Anyway, any ideas? Bottom line if I can't find an authentic replacement, I'll use braided hoses. Don't want to but, may need to. NEED HELP!!!!!!!! Thanks in anticipation.

drunken monkey
08-01-2011, 09:57 AM
how about you post a pic to illustrate what you are talking about?

08-01-2011, 11:43 AM
how about you post a pic to illustrate what you are talking about?

Check posting #110 for a reference pic of the real car hose. I'll be looking for the same hose on a 1/20 scale model and what modelers have done to mimic the same hose. Stay tune!

08-01-2011, 12:03 PM

Here is a model pic. Zoom in into the silver color hose (right rear of the engine compartment) and you will notice that the modeler took like strips of bare foil and wrap them arround the hose simulating the insulation of the rewal car hose.

In the MP4/4, one hose takes a "U" turn and when you wrap it with bare foil and bend it, looks bad. It work ok when the hose is shown straight or somewhat straight but as soon as you take a 90 degree or more of a turn, it looks bad. Do you follow me?

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