2010 GTI Issues So Far

07-29-2011, 01:11 PM
Reliability has been an issue with VW. It does not matter where the car was built. GTI is all Woflsburg, still I have had the following in the last 20 months of ownership:

1) 4 tires developed sidewall bubble. Each tire costs $230+50$ for install. Replaced tire redeveloped bubble. Yes, these are 18" low profiles but VW can do better design. Tires are Dunlop AS Sport. I have had over $800 in tire expense in the past 1 year.

2) One time, the bearing went bad. After a huge fight with dealership and the regional rep., they replaced the bearing. As expected, it took months and several rides for them to feel the vibration/noise it was making. Horrible experience (nightmare) to deal with dealership.

3) Both doors (its a 2 dr MT), make some clicking noise, really irritating. I brought it to dealership's attention, they said, it is not a warranty item.

4) A/C stopped working. They said, it was low on charge. It is working now but they did not fix why did is leak to begin with and what if it happens after warranty expires.

5) The airbag light had come on. They fixed it. Do not know the reason.

6) The driverside belt indicator stopped working. It would not indicate nor chime when seat belt is not on. They fix it. They notified that the clipping (female side) portion had gone bad.

7) The visor mirror screw came off several times. I put a tape. Its hanging it there for now.

8) Twice the TPMS sensor light came up. One time it was bad. Another time, the program module would keep insisting that the pressure must be 78 psi (according to VW). VW had a hard time fixing it. They also blamed me because I had put new tires on it. Light came up 2 months (3000 miles) after new tires were installed. BTW, new tires are Sailun Attrezo. The only ones I could find on my road trip when the big side wall bubble developed. Any one has an idea about these tire's reliability. I find these smoother/quieter than Dunlop. But when making a turn, they give out a whooshing kind of noise.

9) due to the pot hole/tires issue, there is probably some dent in the rims which may be causing the car to pull to the right. I also feel shimmy in the steering. Note that the rims were balanced (may not be forced but high speed).

10) mounting/unmounting tires from 18" wheels leaves scuff marks every time. They look crappy now. Mavis has given me in writing that they will never perform any work on this car ever (I have it in writing). They denied road hazard after the 2nd tire.

11) Although VW says to change oil every 10k miles it sure does damage the engine. I feel a difference when I change oil at 5K miles. Imaging if I waited till 10k.

I have had other quirks which one may have with a Honda or Toyota too...

Otherwise, I enjoy the drive.

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