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Best Spark Plug

07-24-2011, 09:29 AM
I have a Winstar 2000 3.8. I need to change the plugs and looking for recommendations for the best plug. I have read some threads for single platinum, some for double platinum, some for iridium. Autolite, NGK, Bosch, etc.

Any help appreciated.

07-24-2011, 02:30 PM
We only want todo this job once, so Iridium NGK will probably last the life of car.

07-24-2011, 06:17 PM
You need to get the version that has the platinum enhancement on the ground tab.......they are available in either iridium or platinum center electrode version.
I used Autolite or Motorcraft brand of Double Platinum plugs that are listed for my year of windstar.
Again....double platinum means Platinum enhancement of BOTH the electrode AND the ground tab.
I emphasize this because I don't want you to confuse this with the Bosch multiprong those are NOT a good choice for the windstar application.

My Toyota Sienna takes either Denso or NGK brand of iridium plug, which has the platinum enhancement on the ground tab.
If you thought changing plugs on the windstar was hard.......I have to remove the upper intake manifold to change the plugs on my Sienna.....they insert down through the valve covers....and there is not room to pull the coil (each plug has the coil on it) up out of a couple of the rear ones without removing the upper intake manifold.

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