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chris’s Proton Gen2 “Darth Crimson”

07-21-2011, 10:25 PM
Chris’s Proton Gen2 “Darth Crimson” (

FIA Sepang International Circuit - High Performance Challenge Track Day 22nd April 2007

HPC is a good experience for beginners as well as experienced drivers to have a feel of track driving; the skills involved, the limits of your vehicle's performance, and exposure to the demanding sport of motor racing. There are stages for skill levels while adhering to rules and safety.
FIA Sepang International Circuit - Open Track Day 19th August 2006

We racing enthusiast in Malaysia are blessed with having Sepang International Circuit as our playground. This ia a track that is officially a FIA track.
Beside an Old Skool 350hp Monster

Proton Gen2 HL
Vigour Red with Black Hood & Trunk

Black standard bonnet & trunk Modified Black headlamps
MOMO Module - Red Gear Knob, MOMO Challenger Pedals SSCUS EPJ Bucket Seats OMP 3 Point Harness
K R Z5 16" rims TOYO PROXES T1R 205/45R16
ZENDEN Front Strut Bar, ZERO-ONE Rear Strut bar ZERO-ONE Fender bars ULTRA RACING 16mm Anti Roll Bar AROSPEED Room Bar
HWL MT1 Coilovers
AXT Slotted & Crossdrill Discs PRO-RS Braided Hose FERODO ZERO Brake Pads - Front & Rear
PIPER-X Panel Filter (drop-in) EVERCO 4-2-1 Extractor + MARCO Mid Section + EVERCO Muffler CAI - Anaconda/PIPER-X Air Funnel R3 Performance Spark Plug Cables R3 Cam Valley Cover DENSO Iridium Spark Plugs PIVOT Raizin Volt Stabiliser AROSPEED Grounding Kit ZERO-ONE Oil Catch Tank SUPERPRO Steering Rack Bush BRANDLESS Lighten Crank Pulley
Engine Bay
SSCUS Bucket Seats & OMP 3 Point Harness
On the Hydraulics
Toyo Proxes TIR

My HWL MT1 Coilovers
MOMO Knob & Pedals
Arospeed Room Bar

Chris’s Proton Gen2 “Darth Crimson” (

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