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2005 Pathfinder SE Offroad ECM

07-17-2011, 11:47 PM
Friend of mine calls me up and asks me to look at his cousins car. 2005 Pathfinder, says a squirrel chewed up the wires and asked if I could look at it. We go to look at it, not only has something chewed the wires, he tried to fix it himself. And he did not do a clean job at all, used different guage wire to patch some spots, no solder, no heat shrink, just twist and tape. I tell my friend we need to get a new harness. They call and its about a grand, so they beg me to try to patch it. I get it here, look it over and make a deal with them. I tell them I will try to patch it, but he more then likely blew the ECM with his poorly patched job, that just 1 wire out of place and it could have toasted it. So, my deal was, I will try to patch it, but if it doesn't run after patching, he will buy a new harness. So, after 2 weeks of tracing it out I am left with 4 lt green connections, nothing to affect running. 1 was for the left front turn signal, 1 for the ext temp sensor, etc. So, I install the battery, hook up my scan tool, turn the key to run, rad fan starts up on high and scan tool does not see ECM. He asks if it will run, I say nope. He says try it, so I turn the key and nothing. I told him the ECM was bad. He asks if we need to spend another grand on a new one, I say not yet, I have a rebuilder who I can have take a look at it. So, as of now I have no ECM in it and new harness on it. With no ECM the fan still kicks on, so I figure a stuck relay, haven't checked that out yet. All dash stuff seems to be normal with the exception of the ext temp, it reads 133 no matter what. What is the likely hood of something else being messed up on this thing? What else can I look at before the ECM comes back? I just want to get this thing out of here. The owner doesn't seem overly concerned, it sat for 6 months before I towed it here. So, anything else I can look for in the meantime, or any precautions before the ECM comes back?

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