00' Regal LS-Digital Dual Climate Control-Not working.

07-17-2011, 02:41 PM
As of yesterday afternoon the ac was working fine. Now when I engage the ac no air is blowing from any of the vents. Engaing the auto, air flow, fan, temp and dual buttons..nothing is happening. I do hear the compressor kick in when I turn the ac on. But there is no airflow coming from any of the vents. Even when I try to switch airflow locations from mid to floor or even turn on the defogger nothing is working. The display is functioning properly all lights are indicating whether I raise and lower the temp, increase or decrease fan speed and change location of airflow. I checked the fuses on passenger side panel and all are fine regarding ac or hvac fuses. What gives?? I must add that when the ac was working and I initially turned it on I would hear a gurgling and somewhat high pitch sound from behind the dash board. Btw the cabin filter was replaced 3 weeks ago so I dont think that would be the likely suspect. Any suggestions for rectifying this issue is greatly appreciated as I'm now in constant need of ac being that I now reside in Florida.

07-20-2011, 09:51 AM
It's most likely the blower motor or the motor control module.

To get to the blower motor and module remove the passenger side lower insulator panel.
Test for voltage at the blower motor connector (4V to 12V).

The control module is next to the blower motor. To remove it, loosen the 2 forward screws, remove the rearward screw, tilt it down to remove it.
At the module connector.
Black wire = Ground
Orange wire = Fused battery feed
Grey/Black = Blower speed control signal

07-20-2011, 02:49 PM
Thanks Bozr for your reply. I must add though! The following day while the car was parked in my garage. I started her up, and engaged the ac out of curiosity to see if it still wasn't functioning. Guess what!!! It started working again! Blower was blowing..AC was ac-ing...vent was venting all functions were working properly. Strange huh! Soon after a drive to the local Walmart. On my return to my car, it (ac) no longer was engaing
when I turned it on again. Proceeded back home...parked car in garage...hit auto on ac again and walla. She was working again. So does this still sound like its leaning toward the blower module/motor malfunctioning. Anyways thanks again for your input. Your an ace amongst other aces in this great forum.

07-20-2011, 06:17 PM
Thanks Stone,
Sounds more like the blower motor is failing, probably a bearing.
You could wait until the motor stops again to confirm it by testing for voltage. I wouldn't let it go to long though, the extra amperage the motor could draw while locked up could take out the control module along with it.
You could remove the lower insulator panel and leave it off for now. It would save you a few minutes when you go to troubleshoot it. The motor itself is easy to remove.

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