I can name that part in one photo, Chuck!

07-05-2011, 01:23 PM
Been having a surging issue with my wife's 1999 Blazer SUV for the longest time. Everyone told me to check for a vacuum leak and I finally found the culprit, at least it could be. I can't find anything in the Haynes Manual about the air intake system and have already checked Autozone. The only thing that I would assume it could be is the PCV valve hose. It is connected to the throttle body cover of the air intake right on top of the engine and connects right into the block to the right (if you were looking directly under the hood, that is). I have taken photos for reference as you can see below. Not absolutely sure that the hose is the issue, but it is very loose at the connection point to the block. Help!:banghead:

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