Page updated on 06-21-2018

Passat 01 1.8L turbo check engine code P0118

06-22-2011, 09:06 PM
code P0118 came on. changed out thermastat and coolant sensor next to radiator. total $280 and light was off for 1 month. Wasnt till I changed out crankshaft speed sensor that the light completly shut off. Mechanic said my clutch fan was spinning slow and I saw him stop it with his hand while engine was running. said that I needed to change that out for the light to shut off, but have been driving for 3 weeks now and light is still off. Part is $200 at dealer and 1.5 hours of labor if I do it, but since light is off did not replace. Now I have a low oil pressure warning, replaced oil pressure switch and warning light still comes on

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