03 f-350 Super Duty front end clicking

06-22-2011, 08:48 AM
03 F350 S/D 7.3 Dual rears 4x4 automatic. We installed new front brakes and rotors on this truck, along with new valve cover gaskets and glow plugs. When we sterted we went down the road quietly. Now it makes a constant clicking like a rock rolling around in the hub cap. We removed all the brake parts and nothing is out of line and everything works like it should. It sounds like a bad u-joint on a drive shaft, but the truck had them replaced less than a year ago, and they were fine before the work and we didnt mess with them. It is clearly comming from both front wheels, could it have something to do with the 4x4? I know that you have to lock the hubs in manually and that the vaccume pump runs non stop when the key is on. Could the 4wd be half engaged. I am completly lost with this one, we have spent quite a few hours trying to find the problem and cant seem to. If you have any ideds please let me know. Thank you. Thank you thank you

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