03 premacy clutch noise! please help

06-18-2011, 05:17 PM
i have a 03 plate mazda premacy 2.0 sport

it has the 5 speed manual and when it is sitting still started you hear a sort of scraping noise coming from the clutch area but when i press the clutch it goes away completely

also though when i change gear it changes smoothly but sounds notchy the clutch and gears feel fine it is not riding on the clutch atall but i know the noise is there and that it may cause me to break down

basicly i think it is the clutch release bearing but i am not sure i would greatly apresiate some help as i dont know what to do i am scared to change the clutch incase thats not the problem

but its like a quiet scraping noise and when the clutch it pressed it goes away and also when driving i dont notice it but it may still be there

also does anyone know how to program the key fob for these cars?

my email adress is somervillearron@msn.com if anyone can help me please do

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