Anyone know what these wires goto?

06-12-2011, 12:33 PM
Hey everyone. I purchased a alero a couple months ago and the bad thing is the car had been sitting for almost a year. Needless to say I have going piece by piece going over some problems and looking for solutions.

These wires are located on the right side of the coil packs. The wire I'm needing is there is a purple wire with white strip. It comes off the harness by the coil packs and goes through my firewall and then is not hooked up to anything.

It's the second wire on the first harness.

any help would be appreciated. I am having problems with a miss fire on cylinder 3.. I have swapped the coil packs around doesn't change anything..also new plugs and wires. nothing changes it??

08-26-2011, 05:11 PM
Hey there.. No solution, just some ideas/comments..

First and easiest, I'd say ask around if any of your friends or family happen to have an Alero or access (a friend or family member of theirs!) to one, even just a place where you hang out (work, club, bar, whatever) if ya must. Easiest way to see see 'a working example' when it comes to missing/messed up wiring..

If not, the backup plan would be to get a camera and snap some photos, as many or with the best detail that you can and post/link them here. Many of us aren't mechanics by trade (some are!) and may have no idea what/where you're talking about, but throw some pics down and anyone can go and see where 'that' goes to on their car.

Also, ya need to specify what year and engine size ya got ;)

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