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need rear brakes

06-10-2011, 03:47 PM
2006 v6 FWD tucson needs rear brakes....was wondering if i should go to hyundai dealer and get original brakes made for the car or just let my mechanic get whatever they use from auto parts store?

i recall when i had a 2005 elantra it needed new brakes and my mechanic replaced them with new but NOT OEM.. all they did was squeak, so i had them take them off and went to dealer and got hyundai brakes and they were wondering with the tucson if it will make any difference with regular brakes or the dealer hyundai brakes..


06-11-2011, 01:35 PM
I also noticed a slight squeak after I replaced the rear pads on my '01 Santa Fe with new ones from Advance. The only time I consider it annoying is when I drive into a parking deck. On the road, with windows open or closed, I don't hear it enough to let it bother me.

Your mechanic can get price quotes on brake parts and let you make the decision.

I tend to use Hyundai OEM parts when I can. The price from my dealer parts man is usually in line with Advance, Auto Zone, or O'Reilly, and I know they are made for the car. Example: Using a non-OEM oil filter can cause valve noise in an engine - I've heard this myself on my car and the wife's '07 Tucson. I've used third party filters on cars for a long time, but the OEM filters are best for our cars. With this in mind, maybe you do want to use OEM parts for your brake repair. Can't hurt!

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