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91 trooper

06-04-2011, 04:50 PM
My son just bought a 1991 trooper with manual transmission. It needs a tune up but the motor is running fine mostly. He was having problems shifting and brought it out to me. I drained the clutch fluid and put new in and fixed that problem but what he thought was being caused by the clutch is something else....
when you start out in first gear the whole car shakes. it seems to start at the front right. I dont know about fwd on the fly so am not sure the shifter is in the correct position. It is in a neutral position now. I checked the motor mounts and tranny mount and they seem fine. No movement of the engine. The front driveline is turning freely with it off and sitting on ramps.
After starting out it seems to drive fine. It doesn't seem to happen in reverse. I read that you need to back up 30feet to get it into 2wd so I tried that.
Any ideas or even instructions on shifter postitions for the 4wd would be very helpful

06-04-2011, 05:08 PM
update.... when the clutch is depressed the transmission and back of engine go down. So am guessing it is the tranny mount. Had my guy put it in revers and let the clutch out with the brake on and could only see small movement from the bottom, normal at top.
Any comments would be helpful

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