Gmc escalade

06-02-2011, 05:10 PM
Well do you like my Escaruck?(hahaha I'm not sure what to call it!) _n.jpg _n.jpg

6.0 Vortec with an Air Assist cold air intake+throttle body spacer. Air assist suspension in the rear for hawlin ass.... work in progress, I still have to find a nice steering wheel and I'm gonna take the GMC centers out of the current rims. I'm looking for a shop to make me CNC'ed caddy centers that I can screw on and off so I can have a few colors. Red, black, gold...etc. 32-34 fatties will be mounted then.

Oh and if you're gonna hate on the truck go right the fuck ahead cos I already know it's 10x sicker than whatever the fuck you're pushin.

Pics are from the winter, I'll post some new ones after I make progress.

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