'89 Firebird Formula 305 TBI Power issues

05-31-2011, 07:20 PM
Ok my gas tank had a bad leak so we dropped the tank and fixed the filler neck because thats where is was leaking from. After we replaced the tank and bolted everything back in we filled the tank and started the car after building the pressure back up. We drove the car about 10 miles to town and then around a bit and back home and had no problems all together about 25 miles. We parked the car and the next morning we had problems getting it to start. It would turn over but not start. I let it sit for an hour and then it started right up. My father in law moved a piece on the throttle wire thats on the bottom of the two throttle pieces. He said it would put the engine in better synchronization with the transmission. Well we tried the car after he moved it and it took off fine but it we went to punch it it just sat still and wouldn't accelerate any faster and i put the pedal to the floor. After i came back we tried adjusting it in and out centimeter by centimeter and no matter what it has no power and wont go over 30 mph but if I'm sitting still I could get it to rev up high. NOW the car wont start at all. :banghead: Any ideas? Wife has to work tomorrow and I need to get the car going.

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