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Pinging / Knocking while accelerating solved

05-29-2011, 07:58 AM
Hello all,

I have had several issues lately leading to stalling, rough idle, and latley pinging or knocking when getting on the accelerator pretty good.

I had previously done the P0171/174 repair, and put in a new coil pack and new plug wires a month or so ago, so what was happening is that let's say you were going 45 or so, and then approaching a hill, or trying to pass some one, hit the pedal and it would instantly and continuously start rattling....knocking...until you came off.

I was planing to get into the EGR ports again and do some cleaning up, until I logged in and read the posts here about a loose IMRC problem. Went out to the Deathstar and sure enough one of my linkage metal rods was completed detached from the unit and the engine and laying on the block pretty as you please. The other side was loose on one side.

The problem is the inserted nylon clips were gone! melted, detstroyed, missing. O'Reily's was the only local store that had them in stock for $6 for 5 bushings. Advance and Autozone also sell them but didn't have in stock. Part # was Dorman "HELP" 47099.

It was kinda hard to get a tool on the three bolts holding the acuator onto the engine block, and I had to craft a socket with a screwdriver jammed in the end because access is tight. But aside from removing a few alternator wires, and electrical connectors it wasn't all that bad. Pushed the new inserts into the metal plates and onto the actuator motor unit, and was done. Problem solved. Very easy to inspect...


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