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1992 Rear Suspension Noise

05-27-2011, 10:34 AM
I have a clung at times, coming from the rear suspension. Happens going over a bumb. How can you check out the struts to see if they are causing it.

I have used the old "push down and see if it keeps bouncing check" and there is no residual bounce. If it is not the struts, what steps do you take to see what is causing it?

If it is the struts, what brand is recommended for replacement?

I have 217,000 kms.(135,00 mi.) on the car. The struts are original. It is a V6 3VZ engine and I have always maintained it myself as much as possible since purchasing it 14 years ago.

Your input would be appreciated.

Brian R.
05-27-2011, 12:33 PM
I would replace the inboard stabilizer bar bushings first. It is an easy job and relatively cheap. You just soak the bolts/nuts with penetrating oil like PBBLaster and then remove the bushings (they are split). You clean up the stabilizer bar under the bushings with emery cloth and replace the bushings as they were removed, tightening the fasteners to 14 ft-lbs.

06-04-2011, 10:18 AM
Thanks Brian for the input. Very much appreciated.

I tried to remove the bolts holding the stabilizer retaining bushings after soaking them in a rust releaser. Unfortunately as the car is 21 years old from being first driven, two of the bolts sheared their heads, one on each bracket.

I removed the brackets and bushings and I cleaned the bar as you outlined. The bushings are in remarkable condition for their age and all I did was remove some very light scrapes on the inside diameter of them..........probably from sanding grit from the winters, and used the vegetable oil and re-installed.

I clamped the ends of the retaining bracket with some small c-clamps and drove into an auto body shop I have dealt with and asked them to MiG weld the clamped end of the brackets to their mounting plates. I am never going to remove these items again based on the length of time they have been installed, my age and how much longer I am going to keep my old faithful Camry. Welding cost was $25.00 CDN.
The noise made by the bushings hanging up and then releasing is gone

If someone else runs into this same problem, this is a solution that is available to them.

Again, thanks for your advice.

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