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'04 Accord "Stutters" after Dealer Oil Change throttle body?

05-13-2011, 07:56 AM
Hello All,

I'm pretty new to this but here goes nothing. I had the bright idea of going to get my 04 accord serviced at the dealer... I have 112k on it, but NEVER had any major problems. I get an Oil Change, Value adjustment and Tune Up. I start driving and as soon as I hit the gas the car stats stuttering like I'm hitting the brake. I take it back and they say I need a new throttle body and A v-TECH cylanoid... total comes to about $850. but they could do if for 550... I can't afford that so I picked up my car and wen tto auto zone. they checked engine light and i recived messages saying Oil Pressure, and Low Oil... HOw could this happen after an oil change? I think I'm being had... This guy at Auto Zone told me to get a carbon clean for my engine... he said it'll fix all the sensor issues I'm having. the dealer didnt say anythign about this option for me... Can someone help please.

05-13-2011, 12:23 PM
What was the code that Autozone guy read for you?

Actually the low oil pressure will trigger the VTEC code. That what probably happened to your car: dealer did not put enough oil in it. Brining oil level to normal should fix this.
Cleaning your intake manifold will never hurt either. There is a lot information on this site on how to seafoam your engine.

Good luck,

05-14-2011, 08:37 PM
Did you happen to notice if the cut-out is occurring at a certain rpm level?

They will go into "safe mode" and refuse to rev past about 3500 rpm or so when this happens. It will feel just like it's bouncing off the rev limiter, but way too low engine speed when it happens.

I'd wonder if they might have damaged the oil pressure sensor or it's wiring, or the VTEC solenoid wiring while doing the valve adjustment. That would explain a lot. They are both in the same general area (at least on the older VTEC motors) and could have been messed up when the valve cover was removed, I suppose.

Occasionally you'll see one where the tech inadvertently pinched some wiring under the cover when it was put back on, stuff like that.

If nothing else, I'd take it to another Honda dealer and get a second opinion, if that's an option. Or see if you have a Honda specialist shop in your area...they are sometimes sharper than the dealer with weird problems....

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