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'96 G5M-R input shaft

05-10-2011, 09:37 PM
I replaced my 1.9L engine and clutch about 20,000 miles ago, last week I had the pilot bearing explode and it seized to the input shaft on the transmission. It is a Mazda G5M-R 5 speed manual. It also destroyed the clutch and the throwout bearing. I have purchased all new clutch parts but my problem is that the pilot bearing tore up the input shaft. I have been trying to find a place to buy a new input shaft and I am not having any luck, does anyone know where one can be purchased, or am I better off taking it to a machine shop and having it repaired? I never thought to look at the input shaft before I put it back together last time, lesson learned, won't make that mistake again.

Thank you for any help,


05-12-2011, 07:20 AM
Try doing a google search for "transmission hard parts". Those are the kinds of business that would have interior parts for transmissions. You could also look on ebay for sellers auctioning transmission repair kits, and send them a 'question', about whether they can supply a new input shaft or where you might buy one. I have only ever done that on a 63 VW transmission, and I recall it was a fair amount of work to get an input shaft disconnected from a manual trans.

Your posting worries me. When I replaced the clutch in my 94, I just put a finger-tip load of axle grease into the input shaft and spread it onto/into the 'needles' of the bearing. We have travelled about 26k miles since then. Maybe the next time I will replace the pilot bearing.

05-27-2011, 12:04 AM
Sorry it took me so long to get back I have been working 12.5 hr days 6 days a week. Talked to a transmission guy and he told me to just leave the pilot bearing out because it isn't needed on this transmission. He told me that most modern front wheel drive manual transmissions don't use them anymore. I found a clutch alignment tool at Autozone that had an extended nose on it that fit into the recease of the drive shaft so I could align the clutch properly. Car has been running great as far as the clutch goes.

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