2000 corolla Cranks but no start, pump works but doesn't prime, have spark, no codes

05-08-2011, 03:32 AM
My car was performing poorly then Stalled while driving, no start since.
Put starting fluid in open throttle body for 5 secs, then tried to crank.

fuel pump doesn't turn on (can hear it) for 2 seconds When the Ignition switch is in ON position, You can hear it when cranking in Run position though. So this makes me think that Its not building enough pressure

Pulled it out, hooked it up to a 12V batt and it works.

Someone else changed the spark plugs. Fuel comes of of the line just before the fuel rail. Doesn't squirt like theres a lot of pressure.

Pulled the injectors clean them put them back in with new O rings. Fuel only came out of 2 injectors when cranking.

Pulled the spark plugs check for spark while cranking. They all spark. Put new ones in.

Pump does send fuel when cranking which means the pump, and pump relay should be working I assume.

05-08-2011, 09:18 AM
Could be wire or bad pump. If only the 2 injectors work and they are the first two where the fuel line connects then prolly not enough pressure. Check the pressure. You can see if the car will start by putting about 1/4 cup of gas directly down the intake.

You sound like you are on the correct path though. I would deff say its the pump or a wire went bad along the way.

05-09-2011, 06:29 AM
1.8L VE Sedan
I sprayed some starting fluid for 5seconds into the throttle body, then cranked the engine for 15 seconds, nothing fired. did this again after reconnecting a group of disconnected white wires (they were all squished together at the end to make one terminal) that I found under the left of the dash. I reconnected it to a small black connector that had 4 slots for wires (it had all white wires going to 3 slots and nothing to the 4th slot, so I connected the other white wires in that one to have them all joined together.

I'll get a picture.

I Corrected some of the information I mentioned above, I put the correct info in bold.
I was told that It was driving poorly first, then it stalled and didn't start up ever.
1) the fuel filter not changed yet.

2) Spark Plugs were changed
3) injectors were cleaned with compressor air gun.(I don't think that is effective?)
Put new injector Orings in and they were leaking but apparently fixed. I saw fuel seep out at 1 injector ,

The cylinder is probably flooded now from trying stuff then cranking to test.
What I did for FUEL:
Problem with fuel Pump: It doesn't turn on for 2-3 seconds when Key is put to On position. You can only hear it when you crank.

Disconnected the fuel line before the fuel rail, and fuel slowly leaks a good volume of fuel while cranking, doesn't when putting key to ON.

What I tested ok : crank and cam sensor, injector resistance, fuel flowing, efi relay, and pump relay
I didn't test the new spark plugs they put in, I think they may of not been tested properly (he pulled old plugs and cranked, check for sparking plugs with out the spark tool).

I checked the resistance of the on each injector, they where all ok, they showed 13.8ohms.

Checked the Crank shaft and Camshaft position sensor resistance value, All checked out ok.

I Know the Fuel pump relay must be working since theres fuel flowing to the fuel rail while cranking not when I put the key in ON, it should shoot out the line but it doesn't. I only tested the Fuel relay for resistance and open circuit.

I tested the EFI MAIN relay in the engine comp. I now realized that I only checked it for continuity, I need to manually energize it to see if the coil is moving to the closed position. This relay could be stuck open.

The engine almost tried to start for a second, But it mostly makes an odd gurgle noise while cranking, I'm thinking its really flooded with fuel.

All of this stuff with bad efi main relay, or possible bad pump or bad wiring to the pump can be temporary bypassed if I Put some Ether starting fluid in the Intake, I should start, It didn't so I guess I have to test the spark plugs (which i was told they were sparking on the engine).

I know I have a fuel pump wiring or pump issue, but I also think that I have a spark or compression issue since the starting fluid didn't fire, I know the Timing marks line up. I'm going to check the spark plugs for spark on the block.

To test the fuel pump, the White wire is ground and live wire is Blue with black strip. There was no power when connecting DMM leads to both wires at the pump connector. So Checked the ground side of the wire, it had continuity. So that made me think that That blue positive wire is the problem. To save time I connected battery positive to the pumps Blue wire to get the pump to turn on. But it didn't. 1 of the yellow wires at the pump is always getting 12volts in the IG SW ON position. I have the wiring diagrams btw.

Please Help. I greatly appreciate any help or feedback.

10-07-2015, 10:06 PM
did you ever find an answer to your fuel system problem ? my 2003 Pontiac vibe is doing the same thing ......doesn't prime on on but primes after releasing key from run. won't start but acts like it wants to. any help will be appreciated

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