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Coolant Problems

05-07-2011, 12:56 PM
Hi all! This is my first post I came over from the domestic side and finally bought an import. I am having trouble already though and I couldn't find a forum specific to my car ( but I'm in need of help so I picked this. What I currently have is a 1995 acura integra ls but I've noticed while driving ( that for the first 60 miles or so my coolant heat level will stay below the half mark but sooner or later it will start creeping up slowly until it is almost all the way over to the OMG its on fire hott part of the guage. The first time it did this to me it popped the cap on the overflow tank cracking it and so I had to raid the junkyard couldn't find an integra with one so I found by luck a 92 accord which seemed to be the same cap and put that on. In the midst of emptying the overflow tank I noticed that someone seems to have dumped stop leak radiator crap into the radiator.
Now my concern is that eventually the car will heat up and I don't want to crack the b lock but it takes a good amount of driving over 60 miles at highway speeds to achieve this. My fans are blowing. Do you all suggest I just get a new radiator? Maybe its just the temp sensor? If so is there a vehicle I can scour at the junkyard that I can take the radiator from and put it in since we have a lack of good junkyards in south carolina?
When the AC is also turned on it seems to have a quicker effect on heating it up :(
I flushed it but doesnt seem to help much :(
Please help or suggestions!

05-07-2011, 01:47 PM
You may have a blown head gasket, or a cracked head which is slowly letting compression gases seep into the cooling system, where it displaces the coolant, pushing it into the overflow tank, and causing overheating.

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