kia rio timing belt fried at 67,000

kia is aik backwar
04-25-2011, 11:43 PM
:headshake After purchasing this vehicle used i was unaware of the issue of the timing belt problems, and its required replacement at 60,000 miles. We got the car with 67,000 original miles on it :lol2: thinking wow! what a great deal! we can drive it for at least 80 or 90 thousand miles no problem. Its the 5 speed standard with the 1.6 liter motor, 4 door sedan base model 2004. We purchased the car on February 5th 2011, and now as of April 25th its sitting in the mechanics shop with the head pulled. The vehicle just stalled at the red light during rush hour traffic :loser: and many irate onlookers :screwy:. I had to borrow a nice ladies cell phone to call a wrecker because the police weren't to happy it was sitting in the left hand turn lane during morning rush hour traffic..:headshake They were going to tow our car away! pronto. Anyway we got a wrecker there took me back to the shop, pulled the plastic cover off the engine and the timing belt cover. The other mechanic cranked it while we watched the belt just sit there and do nothing :sly: The mechanic informed me that he thought maybe the car lot who sold us the car had tampered with the odometer :iceslolan because he was not aware of a vehicle with this low of mileage breaking a timing belt.:nono:
It wasn't until this evening when doing some research i came across this forum and discovered all the complaints about this vehicles timing belt problems.:banghead: The mechanic was a pretty nice fellow even gave me a ride back home. He said the car would be ready in four days. He took off the head and the timing cover. I WAS LUCKY:grinyes: Only 3 valves were bad and it barely scored one of the pistons. The mechanic said he would replace the belt , gears ,bad valves, get the head resurfaced, replace the oil, the water pump, antifreeze for $500 in parts and $425 labor, which from reading some of the comments on here is reasonable i assume :confused: So now we get our car back this Saturday and hopefully we can drive it for maybe another 50,000 miles. I think i might sell it asap any buyers? :iceslolan Thanks for lookin!

11-20-2011, 08:36 AM
This is a problem with this car, just got one in, 2004, the has 32,000 actual miles on it and was well cared for, and the timing belt is bad, so No the car lot didn't alter the odometer. The bond between the cogs and the belt itself broke down. Am in the processes of tearing it apart. This is a copy of the Mazda engine and they use rubber belts that last far better so very sure the belt is the problem. Think the belts weren't designed for heat unlike Dayco and Gates belts so they fail early, pretty sure the present day KIA belts have been changed to address the problem, but unfortunately a belt failure does alot of damage in any interference engine. IF this engine is badly damaged then the car will be scrapped.

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