A box or module under driver seat got wet. WHAT DOES IT DO?

04-25-2011, 11:46 AM
2005 Chevy Colorado, 4WD, manual, 4cylinder

I had about 2 inches of water standing under my drivers seat from a heavy rainstorm. Some little electrical box or module is soaked and some corrosion. It doesn't have yellow stickers on it so I don't think it can be airbags but it might be a SDM. The part numbers on the unit are non existent on the WWW and I called the dealership and they aren't sure what it is. The 4WD push button panel on the dash does not work and the truck seems to be stuck in 4WD low. Fuses look ok. Actuator works. Completely baffled at this point. I have pics of the unit if you want to see. "writetopaulhttp://static.ed.edmunds-media.com/edmunds-webassets/1.5.126/img/forums/webxicons/emotorcons/at.gifhotmail.com" thanks for your help lads

04-25-2011, 06:00 PM
That is your transfer case control module (TCCM). Your SDM is under the center console.

BTW, if you need a new TCCM there is no programming or setup required of the new one. Should just be plug and play.


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