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2001 Accord: parking lights stuck on

04-22-2011, 07:37 PM
My son's 2001 Accord will not turn off the parking lights.
Obviously the switch is off.
I've verified that the multi-function headlight switch (which also controls the parking lights) is working ok. I've removed it and tested it.
I notice that when I rotate the switch from "off" to "parking-lights-on" there is a relay click that appears to be coming from under the glove compartment on the passenger side. Have not been able to find this relay though.

I'm not able to turn the lights off with any of the fuses either. There is no fuse that is clearly assigned to the parking lights, so I've tried all the "light-like" fuses, but have not been able to turn off the parking lights unless I simply remove the negative line from the battery.

Any ideas what this might be caused by?

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